Committed to excellence in accident claims management

Established in 2004, Bankstone built its reputation handling motorcycle claims. Over the past decade we’ve extended that reputation across the full range of motor insurance claims. Our knowledge, experience and professionalism set us apart.  As does our investment in developing cutting-edge claims handling technology.

We lead the way in using technology to streamline the interactions between the customer and all the different service providers involved in a motor insurance claim. We make the customer experience seamless, efficient and pain-free. Our purpose-built technology means that details held on file by the broker are automatically extracted and disseminated to everyone else involved. So the customer never has to answer the same question more than once.

Bankstone sits at the hub of a network of handpicked specialist suppliers, including repairers, engineers, law firms, hire providers and rehabilitations specialists. This enables us to apply dedicated specialist expertise and service to every aspect of a motor claim. We constantly manage and review suppliers’ performance to ensure a consistently outstanding standard of service. Our customer satisfaction ratings are second to none.


    What our clients say about us

    The young lady who dealt with my call was very helpful and understanding. She seemed very knowledgeable about procedures and projected a very good image for your company
    Mr. P - Swanley