Now, don’t get Bankstone News wrong. We’re as patriotic as hell here at BN Towers, with a loathing of outsiders that starts off, somewhere between here and Rastrick, at ‘violent hatred’ , and gathers strength quickly from there.

As such, we yield to no man (nor woman neither) in our loathing of experts. When we spot someone with so-called credentials, we struggle not to puke right there on the spot. But just occasionally it’s worth making an exception – especially if the experts concerned are actually quite entertaining.

On which note, if you’re planning to go to the Edinburgh Festival this year, be sure to find time to check out smash-hit ‘entercation’ sensation “Deal Medicine for Murder”. Please note however that the show involves not one, not two, not three, but four “doctors of medicine” (the kind you get in hospitals, in general practice, on TV etc.) in other words, experts.

The good news is: two of them are dead. The ones that are still alive sit on stools like Dave Allen and talk about the multiple murders committed by the dead ones and why they did what they did. But in a really entertaining way. Honestly. It’s had great reviews. Like this one. And this one, which we did ourselves, as it happens.

So, stepping back a bit, the dead doctors are: Dr Harold Shipman and Dr John “The Bodkin” Adams. The live doctors are: Harry “Doctor Fingers” Brunjes and Dr Andrew Johns. And, basically, what the live ones do is juxtapose, compare, and contrast the respective careers of Shipman and Adams, with particular reference to their background, arrest, trial, legacy and psychopathology, interspersing their hilarious yet erudite reflections and analysis and film footage and accounts from contemporaneous news sources.

If that doesn’t sound right up your street, you must be living in the wrong place!

This unmissable show can not be missed at midday on the 24/25/26th of August at top Festival venue the Gelded Baboon. Click here to purchase your tickets now.

Do it now. Or who knows what might happen. You never really know where you stand with a doctor. Them and their so-called ‘expertise’. It’s a force for evil, I’m telling you.

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