In June 2010 Capita (a firm that provides administration and business support, business process outsourcing, consultancy and change management, customer management, debt and legal, financial, HR and recruitment, information technology, insurance, legal process outsourcing, life and pensions, property and infrastructure, remediation, service design, software solutions and travel and events services to clients in sectors including banking, central government, defence, education, emergency services, financial services, health, housing, insurance, local government, life and pensions, police and justice, retail, telecoms and media, transport, travel, leisure and utilities) bought Premier Medical Group (PMS) for £60m. Over Christmas and the new year, Capita (see above) sold most of the rechristened Capita Medical Reporting back to its original owner Dr Harry Brünjes.

Why would they do that? Naturally, Bankstone News hasn’t the faintest idea. But it’s probably just one of those cyclical things where a large organisation decides one day to broaden and deepen its expertise and resources in something or other and then decides after a bit that it would actually prefer to focus on core areas and stuff that will play a key role in its future strategy or some such. Or perhaps it was simply that PMS/CMR, or whatever you want to call it, was – like the bow of Odysseus, the lyre of Orpheus, or the Sooty of Harry (no H) Corbett – never quite the same without its original owner. At any rate, the inimitable Dr Prunes is back at the helm, cue much rejoicing up and down the land, not least in charming Shropshire market town Ludlow, where even the local MP has publicly welcomed both the returning hero and the appetising aroma of new local employment opportunities conjured up by “plans for expansion and the return of some business activities to Ludlow.”

Attentive readers of Bankstone News will already have gathered some impression of the scope and seriousness of Dr Brünjes’ track record. This, you may recall, is a man with several illustrious medical careers to his credit, a man, equally, who is physically incapable of walking past a piano without pausing to knock out a couple of tunes, a man, also, with a notorious theatrical penchant for dissecting fellow members of the medical profession (but only, like US TV’s loveable psychopathic murder-torturer Dexter, the bad ones), a man who now, much to everyone’s relief, leaps back aboard the good ship CMR/PMS like Cap’n Jack Sparrow liberating the impounded Black Pearl, with a lusty cry of ‘Ahoy, there, Me Hearties. Splice the mainbrace and break out the ivories!’ and with trusty lieutenants Mark “the Lash” Stirrup and Black Bob Goodall at his side.

Welcome back Harry, we say here, at Bankstone News. Your strategy of focussing “on medical excellence, service quality and business process efficiency” might sound dangerously radical, but we’ve every confidence you and your ‘reinvigorated management team’ can pull it off.

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