September 30, 2013

Like kooky 70s songstrel Davie Bowie, Bankstone News is continually going through ch-ch-ch-changes, which you, Poor Non-Hipster Reader, probably find more than a little bewildering.

Frankly, we bewilder ourselves sometimes – with our mercurial quantum-leap persona changes. Who could forget, for example, the time we went from five stories a week to four?!

Without wishing to destabilise your world any more than strictly necessary, we thought we should warn you that we are, once again, contemplating change.

But this time, it’s all about you!

Yes, that’s right: we’re inviting you to shape the destiny of Bankstone News.

Perhaps you’d like to see us do some proper reporting? No? OK, just thought we should cover that one off.

But perhaps you’d rather not receive one big chunk of story links in one email every Friday (or monday or whatever); perhaps you’d rather have us tweet or mail you links to the latest stories as they appear on our online industry news pages?

Perhaps you’d like to read more about Subject A or Subject B, or something. In any case, kindly be so good as to answer the three following questions by email to and you could win a luxury yachting jacket with classy Bankstone Racing branding all over it.

Q1. Are you on twitter?

Q2. Would you rather we notify you of new stories as soon as they are posted?

Q3. What topics would you like to see covered more in Bankstone News?

Optional extra Q. Any other thoughts/suggestions?

Email your answers to us by 11th October, and that luxury yacht jacket could be yours!

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What our clients say about us

Jo was friendly while still professional. She answered any questions and was patient and happy to help. Next steps and cover confirmation could have been a bit clearer. I've had calls from credit hire that I was expecting for replacement bike but they were pushing to do repairs. I was told this would be done by an approved repair. I called just after 9am to notify a claim and was told I would receive a call back within 10 to 15mins. I had to call back an hour later as no one had called back. The lady who answered, Jo, did deal with things straight away and was very helpful
Mrs. L - North Shields