In response to some distinctly uncharitable comments* made about the recently released video of Bankstone’s 2013 charity fundraiser Medieval Monkeys XIII, Bankstone News has decided to return to the cutting room (armed with new and previously unseen footage) to produced an entirely new cinematic interpretation of this action-packed event.

The only problem is… we don’t really have much in the way of new and previously unseen footage. But that, Dear Regular Reader, is where you may very well come in.

Were you in Yorkshire over the weekend of 29-30 June last year?

Did you perchance happen to capture still or moving images of the proceedings?

If so, please send them asap to [email protected] and you could have the thrill of seeing your handiwork rough hewn and botched together into the latest audiovisual sensation to emerge from the legendary Bankstone Arts production line.


*Those mildy disparaging YouTube comments in full:

“I giv this 0 out 10. That is gerrous!”

“This sukxz Donkies. Your a total dick”

“Watching this was duller than I ever imagined anything could be”

“After 10 second I want tear out eyes. Also pull off ears. Not so easy tho.”

“I didnt think your video was very good u deserve rotisserie in hell and suffer million pains 4ever”

“**** ***** **************** ************** a ********* ******** ur ***********!!!”


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