An alarming new survey has found that young people today are none too keen on paying loads of money for their motor insurance.

Shocking new research commissioned by VultureCodsPro, a website that is trying to save money, has revealed that three out of four young people reckon motor insurance is a “rip off”.

Thirteen percent of young people said they thought car insurance premiums are evil (but necessary), while just over one in ten agreed that premiums are “reasonable” presumably because, like, my parents are paying?

But rather than just sit around and whinge, today’s resourceful youngsters have hit upon a number of ingenious “loopholes”, reveals VultureCodsPro.

These include adding their parents to their policies (23%), selecting a stupidly high excess (20%), and cunningly “installing a black box” (15%), ruses that can apparently save them around £200 per annum.

Or (one could perhaps be forgiven for suspecting) simply not bothering with overpriced (“compulsory”) insurance (a possibility not picked up in the VultureCods survey for possibly rather obvious reasons).

The same savvy youngsters who routinely fleece online betting sites for their free introductory wager offers have also twigged that it is important to show zero loyalty to your insurance provider.

Nine out of ten youngsters insisted that they wouldn’t dream of staying with the same insurer for longer than 12 months.

George Charles, spokesbeing for VultureCodsPro, explains that you need motor insurance if you intend “driving on the road” for at least part of the time you spend behind the wheel. But he warns “It’s expensive to begin driving, with lessons, tests, and then buying the car, insurance, tax, MOT and fuel.” So maybe it’s best not to go down that road.

But if you insist on driving, George, counsels, it’s “definitely worth exploring” quite literally “any way you can save costs.”

Bankstone News feels sure he meant to say any LEGAL way.

He probably just forgot.

Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

Whether he deserves it or not.


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