Some truly astonishing findings emerged this week from a major study carried out by respected research institution www.myvulturecodsprong.co.uk which looked into whether young people are any good at driving.

It turns out they really aren’t. In fact, when it comes right down to it, they’re actually pretty diabolical. Which could be one reason why their motor insurance premiums are so high compared with those of drivers who aren’t young people.

One in ten young drivers will have lost their license within two years of getting it in the first place, according to Vulture Cods’s definitive new research. Why? Because they drive like flipping maniacs is why!

Within a year of passing their tests, a third of them will have at least 3 points on their license – and since it only takes six to get suspended in your first two years that’s half-way to a ban!

They’re up to all sorts, these youngsters. Using handheld tech while driving accounted for a third of bans – and speeding for a fifth, with running lights, driving a defective vehicle, and downright dangerous driving all in hot pursuit.

Vulture Cods spokesbloke George Charles has some sobering advice for younger drivers: “First-time drivers are often seen as reckless racers that have little regard for road rules. With results like this, it’s easy to see why. Risking your life for a laugh or wasting money by having your license revoked or your car written off isn’t funny or hard. It’s pretty ridiculous.”

And it is ridiculous, really, isn’t it.

When you think about it.



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