A female known simply as The Woman has been sentenced to be suspended for two whole years for stealing people’s details and selling them to a dodgy claims firm. The Woman was also fined a massive £4.5k and ordered to think about what she had done and never do it again.

That, of course, will come as scant consolation to the people who have had their details stolen and will now be condemned to endure the perpetual desolation of a generic and non-specific life. What on earth motivated The Woman to commit such a horrendous act of detail theft?

Venality, that’s what. Sorry to put it so crudely. But what else is there to say?

For every Eve (aka The Woman), however, there is a serpent (aka The Snake). And this story is no different from that biblical tale of yore. Except for the fact that it’s true. Just kidding, Jehovains! Its theme is that one thing that poncey poet Oskar Wildling could not resist: to whit temptation.

More attentive readers may recall that, back in April this year, Bankstone News warned about the activities of blokes in raincoats hanging around outside people’s offices waiting for a chance to tempt them into detail-theft with tantalising offers of cash, drugs, soft-core sexual favours, chocolate and/or money-off coupons valid (for a limited period only) at major UK supermarket chains.

Well that, near enough, is what happened to The Woman (real name Tracey Miller). While working for big yellow insurance company Uvavu, The Woman was approached after work by ‘a man she didn’t know’  who then proceeded to offer her a bunch of money in return for the details of people who’d had cars and had been involved in accidents involving those cars (and sometimes other cars).

The Woman must have thought she’d be living the life of Riley on the £4,500 she’d netted flogging people’s details between May and August 2013. Think again, The Woman aka Tracey! How could someone who lives on Cop Road, Oldham have been so foolish as to imagine herself beyond the long reach of the arm of the law?

As it was, Uvavu smelled a rat. Tracey followed the path of preventative discretion and left the firm in December 2013. A subsequent investigation by crack fraud-busters the FEDs looked into the suspicious activities of dodgy looking men in macs floating around outside claims offices looking for potential data leakers.

It didn’t take long for the FEDs to bust the case wide open. Before you could say Tommy Robinson they were round at some dodgy claims geezer’s gaffe cracking open his data files to find a bunch of Uvavu-sourced data on recent crash victims, all of which led back to one person and one person only: The Woman.

Just three years after her concupiscent criminal doings, The Woman was up in court, convicted and condemned to two years of not having to go to prison subject to no further naughtiness.

The FEDs Matt Horsey summed up succinctly in suggesting that The Woman had abused her position of trust within her organisation. “Instead of doing the right thing and alerting her employer about being approached by a fraudster,” Matt said, “she instead greedily decided to set-up a deal with him.

The moral of the story being, that insurers should maybe offer some fraudster-shopping bonuses to people like The Woman so they can satisfy their desire to do the right thing and their equally compelling desire to make some extra cash, at one and the same time.

Just a crazy idea!


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