Anyone who likes to keep up with history will know all about the great continental clash of civilisations emblemised by the sweetly scented Yellow Rose of York and the foul and sinister Black Tulip of Lancashire.

Coincidentally, yellow is also the colour of the life saving ‘ambucopters’ flown by life saving charity Yorkshire Air Ambulance, or YAA as they prefer to be called, in order to spend less time spelling things out in full and more time saving lives.

That’s probably why YAA’s annual funraising event is branded Yellow Yorkshire. Basically, it’s all about yellowness and doing things to do with the colour yellow for charity – but fun things obviously – not like contracting jaundice or joining the Lib Dems or whatever.

As a longtime supporter of the YAA, Bankstone is naturally keen to do its bit. So you can be sure there’ll plenty of yellow-themed stuff going on at Bankstone’s Brighouse HQ come Friday 7 July to help keep the YAA’s helibulances flying.

If you’re a Yorkshireish person yourself, or if you have some association with the legendary land of the Yellow Rose, you might want to do something yellow for charity yourself. Something like juggling custard, or seeing how many canaries you can fit in a shoebox, or wearing a hi-viz jacket or something.

If none of those ideas grab you, there’s plenty more inspiration on the YAA’s online website pages, which may be viewed by clicking here.

Look out for a full-length illustrated report in Bankstone News later this year on Bankstone’s fundraising contribution, one of the highlights of which will reportedly be Bankstone top man Dix Tizer playing, appropriately enough, Yellow by Codplay on his beloved Sousaphone whilst dressed as a banana.

Unforgettable, that’s what it should be.


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