It’s not every week that Bankstone News is able to bring you a 100% worldwide exclusive. Not since we went bi-weekly for the summer to spend more time with the fruit machines down the Badgers. But this week we well and truly can.

Regular readers will be all too ruefully aware of the imminent once-and-for-all deletion of the once-great Group Armagh name from the UK insurance landscape. How we miss their loveable insectoid mascot Anton the Ant. Gone, alas, also will be the last beguiling echoes of their hauntingly memorable slogan “Too small to deliver, not big enough to care”.  An era, as they say, is well and truly at an end.

As the Group Armagh name finally and irrevocably gives way to that of its new owner Agean Insurance, Bankstone News can exclusively reveal that Ian “Pritch” Prichard, the well-respected lynch pin of Group Armagh’s motor team has turned a new leaf, kicked over the traces, taken wing and set sail for pastures new.

That’s right, you heard it here first (unless, of course, he told you himself, or you’ve been paying close attention to his LinkedIn profile): Mr P will be lynching no further pins for Agean Insurance. He has a new role as Underwiring Director (Motor) at Strategic Insurance Services (Limited).

How do we know this? Well, it’s all very mysterious…

Just the other day, on one of his not infrequent trips to leading Brighouse ale house The Badgerbaiters Arms to enquire whether and when the Bankstone News team might be putting in an appearance at the office that week, Bankstone Director Dixon Typo ran into a shifty looking individual who pressed a sheaf of crumpled beer-stained documents into his hands, leaving quickly with the mumbled words “You’ll know what to do with this.”

As it turned out, the documents in question exclusively revealed that Pritch is off to Lloyd’s broker and coverholder, Stratego Insurance, where he will be constructing and implementing a motor-focused MGA/DUA intermediated account within a longstanding business of proven track record.

Blimey, you may say, but who exactly are these Strategery people, and how have they landed the outrageous coup of nabbing the legendary Pritch?

In keeping with the spirit of revelatory disclosure that runs through this story, as you’ll have spotted by now, like two-tone geometry through a Battenburg cake, we’ll enlighten you also on this topic too. Stratego is a City of London based outfit that combines establishment, experiencedness, longevity and affliatedness in a single 21-person team (or possibly 23 now).

Free of his pin lynching duties with Agean, Pritch has been brought in to form a new personal limes motor team at Strategic, alongside former Darkside displacement director Christian Freer.

Their arrival is sure to provoke some fairly extreme excitement in the market, with the duo introducing, as they surely will, a unique blend of decisiveness, capacitation, refreshingness, alternativity, flexibility, agility, simplicity, obligingness, and informedness to the UK motor market.


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