November 20, 2014

In the final analysis, there’s really very little difference between people and cars. Sure, people have legs and arms and favour sexual reproduction, whereas cars have wheels and don’t. But, setting aside such quibbling niceties, they’re more or less identical really.

Recognising this fundamental truth, Tory pear Lord Hunt of Weasel this week proposed introducing a new legal requirement that, rather than being given money, accident-damaged human beings should simply have their patch-up paid for.

The solicitor lord reckons insurers should be focusing on ‘getting people better rather than paying them cash that isn’t then used for treatment’ and presumably on the thankless task of trying to scrape an honest crust in the face of a rampant compensation culture.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong (medically) with most motor PI claimants. But, Hunt urged, ‘we should encourage people with genuine minor injuries simply to make a claim to repair their body rather than for cash.’

‘After all,’ he notes pithily ‘we get the car repaired, why not the body as well?’

Why not, indeed!



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