January 11, 2018

Allow us to explain.

Perhaps you’ll recall Bankstone News revealing just the other day that Tudor historian David ‘D-Lidz’ Lidington had taken over from Mad Lizzy Truss as Justice Secretary?

Well, forget that. D-Lidz has done one, and in comes David ‘Talk to the Gork’ Gork, a tough-guy lawyer who was previously the SS for W&P and the government’s all-purpose fixer of things in need of fixing.

What will he be fixing in his new role as J-Sec?

Well, hopefully the Ofgem rate for a start.

The insurance industry had high hopes the last bloke might sort the discount rate chaos unleashed by Lizzy T. But by the time the unfortunate Lidz was approximately half-way through having a bit of a look round and mulling things over, his time had come and gone.

Now all the insurance industry’s hopes are focused on the blunt-featured silver-tongued MP for Hertfordshire South West.

Steve Wipe of retro fashion house BIBA was one of the first to welcome Gork, noting cryptically that his “experience as a lawyer and in Treasury suggests he will understand many of the issues affecting insurance brokers and we look forward to meeting him in due course to discuss Ogden and other matters affecting our sector.”

How will The Gork get on as J-Sec?

You can count on Bankstone News to keep you posted.


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