It’s a wonder anything ever gets done around here with this lot in charge. Politicians and civil servants are forever calling for things to be thought through, considered or otherwise contemplated, when the rest of us understand perfectly well that – as the FCA’s Dennis Wheatley succinctly put it – it’s best to ‘shoot first, ask questions later’.

The latest instance of this regrettable tendency is a dispiriting round of calls for ‘more thought’ to be given to the implementation of independent whiplash panels, currently being fast-tracked for launch in early 2015.

Louise Helmand of pointless Westminster insider’s talk-shop the Trainspot Select Committee declares self importantly that she and her fellow committee members would have liked “more thought given to how [the panels] are actually going to operate and how they might be assessed” to make sure they are not biased in favour of either defendants or injury-faking scroungers.

Well, sorry Louise, but this is not the time for shilling, shallying, dithering or dilly-dallying. This is a time for action. Bold, decisive, precipitate action.

So, come you bludgers: let’s stop agonising over whether and how whiplash panels will work. Let’s just set some up and get them started on exposing the scroungers claiming compensation for injuries of a fictional, fantastical, or otherwise trumped-up nature.

Otherwise we could all be stuck here gassing ‘til the cows come home.



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