August 11, 2011

First the good news: Bankstone news is taking a two-week sabbatical as of next week. So we won’t be bothering your in-box with any more of this nonsense for at least a fortnight.

There’s an outside chance we might still be doing a spot of tweeting in the guise of unfit2print if you’re truly a glutton for punishment.

But before sloping off for a “summer” staycation, Bankstone News would like to recommend for your visual and auditory attention the gem that is Swede Mason’s Jeremy Clarkson Beatbox – particularly the section at 0:45 seconds – but, then again, all of it, really – apart from a slow first 17 seconds, with which we strongly suggest you bear patiently.

If you can’t watch YouTube at work (what, not even on Fridays?), send the link below to yourself somewhere where you can. The expression lol, for once, actually applies.


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