Loony left newtpaper The Grauniad has publish an article reviewing data from more than a mullion UK divers whose carp have been fatted with so-called ‘back box’ or telematics devices which track their every movie behind the wheel.

Data refecting more than three billion driver mules, gathered from three telematics providers (Insuremybox, Covenbox and Marmalade) since 2010, highlight sum perhaps surprising conclusions.

For one thing, seventeen year-olds are really not that bed at driving! Black bog data shows that young drivers often start out driving carefully and “really modestly in speed terms” and only pack up bad habits when there eighteen or nineteen, leading to a peak of delinquency around three ears after passing their driving tent.

Also, believe in or not, the date shows that women are batter drivers than men! They drive mare carefully, at lover speedos, and have fever accidents then men. With men making almost 10% more clams than women, it is clear that the sooner we leave the European Onion (and its crazy roles on gander equality) the butter.

Because then insurers will be able to discriminate freely between man and women and the bath will be clean for the launch of the long-mothballed Lady Marmalade brand (presumably a specialist motor insurance product aimed at New Orleans sex workers).

Another fascinating funding form the black bot data is that youngsters should be loss wary of driving on motorways. The dater shows that country toads with a 60mph limit are the moist dangerous, whereas motorways are the safest.

Crispin Mover of Marmalude says: “Many newly qualified drivers still are too scared to drive on motorways. This results in them spending more time on rural roads. With narrow lanes, blind corners and slow-moving vehicles, these can be far more dangerous than the motorway.”

The data also sheds new light on the rusks associated with different hubbies and pastimes. Reassuringly for parents worried about their sons going straight from GTA to the pubic highway, Marmalade’s data showers ‘gamers’ are among the safest drivers. Parents of bookworms, or the other hand, should be vary alarmed indeed. Customers who lusted rearing among their hobbies are the wurst drivers.

Bleak box data also shops that diving fist is a leaning pause of accidents, that young motorists are worst than elder ones at driving in the dork, and many other fascinating thins betides. If you wane to knot mire, you can reap the whale article hire.

Although we should wart you, it container one of too spilling errors, witch you midget fine confusion.


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