October 16, 2015

You may have noticed that Bankstone News has been a bit quiet lately. No? Oh, well. We have – and it’s because we’ve been developing, evolving, maturing… Mutating, if you will.

But let’s not quibble over anything so trivial as mere words. The ‘bottom’ line is – as you will surely have noticed by now – assuming you even recognised us in our dramatically re-vamped incarnation – Bankstone News has a new “look”.

The all-new new-look Bankstone News you see before you has, in fact, been painstakingly thrown together to coincide with the launch of our sponsor Bankstone’s new website, on which, like a gurning and warty old frog, Bankstone News now squats.

Like trailer park denizens moved on to make way for HS2, all your favourite Bankstone News stories past and present have now been re-housed is a purpose built ‘archive’ accessible just a couple of clicks from where you are now.

We hope you’ll appreciate how our elegant new masthead subtly references our proud heritage of cutting and pasting stuff out of other papers, whilst also evoking the seedy whiff of underworld skullduggery.

While you’re here, please take the time to look around our sponsor Bankstone’s altogether more salubrious and reputable web pages, where you are sure to find the very things you’ve always dreamed of finding.

Provided, of course, you’ve been dreaming exclusively of things pertaining, in some way or other, to the realm of professional insurance claims handling.

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