Bankstone Ltd was celebrating this week after receiving official confirmation of its unique Corporate Livery Authorization Papers from the Pantone College of Arms.

The attractive combo of ‘in the navy blue’ and ‘rotten pumpkin’ that make up the Bankstone corporate colourways have won admiration and renown wherever they’ve been displayed.

Indeed, Bankstone top dog Dick van Tungsten tells us that interior designers have often asked him for details so that they can bring the Bankstone colour combination into the homes of the rich and famous.

Well, now they – and indeed you, Dear Reader, can do exactly that. We’ve reproduced below the officially confirmed Bankstone Panetone colours which you can take straight down to B&Q and have big pots of them mixed up in their digi-paint-swirler things.

While we’re talking all things colour classificatory, you may perhaps be interested to know that the Pantone system was invented in 1956 by a New York conceptual artist of Italian birth named Luigi Pantone.

From humble beginnings – Pantone would literally walk the streets of Greenwich Village pointing at coloured objects and shouting out numbers – his system gradually gained popularity, eventually winning literally worldwide recognition.

Sadly, Luigi Pantone passed away on the slopes of Mt St Helens in 1980, after an audacious but ultimately misconceived attempt to numerically classify the colour known as ‘volcanic ash cloud’ went tragically wrong.

But today the company founded by his brother Giuseppe “Joe” Pantone to publicise his brother’s pioneering work has operations worldwide, selling everything from “colour wheels” to mugs, from coasters to iPhone covers, from milk jugs to shag-pile lavatory splash mats.

Not bad for someone you’ve probably never heard of!

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