Leading Kent-based motor trade insurance broker Quote Me Toady this week secured an unparalleled PR coup by exclusively revealing that, according to technology firm PHS, all new ‘big brand’ cars will be connected to the interweb by 2014 (i.e. really quite soon).

In a press release that begins “LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM, April 10, 2013” (that’ll be the Leeds down south, presumably, the one with a castle where Anne Boleyn grew up, as opposed to the one round here with a prison that just looks a bit like a castle – but we digress), Quote Me Toady exclusively reveal that, according to technology firm Intel, the ‘connected car’ is the third fastest growing technological device after phones and tablets.

Connected car users could soon be using dedicated in-car apps that tell them – for example – where the nearest retailer of attractively priced fuel might be, where they can find a conveniently located sauna or gentleman’s club, where they can get a decent fry-up, whether the bloke in front has just slammed on his brakes while they were fiddling about with their in-car app centre, or how (once they have brought their vehicle safely to a halt in a secure location, obviously) they can make their very own ‘cloud’ inside a 2-litre plastic bottle using surgical spirit, duct tape and a perfectly ordinary bicycle pump.

But of course, however safe connected cars make the whole driving a motor vehicle thing, it is still important to have some proper insurance in place. That’s where Quote Me Toady comes in! The Kent-based broker has “relationships” with insurers that enable it to “quote competitive rates coupled with professionally tailored cover”. This gives it “the required edge” when it comes to placing cover for commercial vehicles and “for companies who buy, sell, repair or valet vehicles”. Above all, Quote Me Toady is able to do this “at the right price” and “without prejudice to your policy requirements”.

Regular readers will not be surprised to learn that, with the whole ‘connected car’ phenomenon, as with so many other things, Bankstone News is already way ahead of the curve. In fact, we used an in-car app to generate this entire story whilst roaring along the M62 with Katie Melua blaring top vol, and a super-strength Hoopers Hooch McFlurry on the go.

Multi-tasking? You better believe it!


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