The guys and gals at Thorneycrofts know when to go out. They know when to stay in. Get things done.

On Wednesday night last week they knew with utter certainly that it was time to go out to the Modern Law awards hosted by knitwear’s Gyllles Badbreath at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London (a town somewhere down South).

Gloomy smog-ridden London can scarcely have known what hit it as the Thorneycroft crew descended in a blaze of glamour that would put the cast of Dynasty* to shame (*for the benefit of younger readers, this is a reference to a very old TV show – bit like Dallas, which you might have heard of, only set sin Denver or somewhere. Anyway it had Joan Collins in it, and Stephanie Thingy, and other glamorous people besides. Hope that’s clear)!

On an entirely separate note, Bankstone Supremo Dickson Tickson has just passed Bankstone News a note asking us to launch a campaign encouraging the entire population of the UK to adopt a single standard form of informal salutatory address, to whit: “Utcha!” – a saying, he insists, in general usage among the populace of Northamptonshire, and hence, he agues, perfectly good enough for everyone else.

Being, as yet, unsure as to whether like Ciao, for example, Utcha can be deployed with equal validity at either the beginning or the end of a conversation, it is inevitably with a certain tentativeness that, before pushing off the Badgers for the afternoon, Bankstone News bids you a hearty Utcha til next time.

Whenever that may be…



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