August 10, 2015

Shocking new figures concocted by the Association of Brutish Insurers (ABI) have revealed a disturbing new trend in UK motor insurance premiums. Anyone who thought the forces of light had well and truly whupped the ass of whiplash had better think again.

The ABI’s Quarterly Average Private Comprehensive Motor Insurance Premium Tracker, or QAPCMIPT (pronounced Quapp-kuh-mipped) for short, has revealed that motor insurance premiums rose by £12 in Q2 of 2015 to reach a whopping £367.00, compared with £359 in Q1 2015, and just £356 in Q2 of 2014.

The good news is that average premiums are still lower (by a full £10) than they were in Q2 2013 when the government first unleashed the fury of its anti-whiplash war machine (LASBO, fixed fees and all).

But ABI Rob Cummings warns that the fruits of HMG’s war on “frivolous personal injury claims” are in peril. Yes, they may have resulted in a massive ”over a billion pounds worth of savings passed on to customers” but now the fruits are under threat from continued and persistent frivolity on the part of those who trade in trumped up personal injury claims.

With the fruits under increasing pressure, he says “it’s important the Government continues its work to tackle the compensation culture and attack the high cost and number of whiplash claims. With this in mind, we welcome the Government’s announcement of a review of the activities of claims management companies in the last Budget.’

With Insane Punishment Tax (IPT) due to add an additional £12.80 to the cost of the average policy from November, there are real fears that no one will bother buying motor insurance any more (compulsory or not). So, please, please, please, HMG, ABI Rob pleads, do something about all these people making PI claims.

And do it properly this time.


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