Biased and unreliable lawyers’ rag The Legal Gazebo has this weekend stooped well below even its own dismal standards to report trumped up “government statistics” concocted via a Femdom of Infotainment (FOI) request submitted by truth-distorting special interest group the Association of Personal Injury Liars (APIL) purporting to show that whiplash claims are fast becoming an endangered species.

APIL have somehow selectively quoted and ‘massaged’ the FOI figures to suggest there has been a fall of more than 10% over the past year in the number of personal injury claims in relation to which the compensating party applied the term ‘whiplash’.

According to APIL’s surely suspect FOI request there were 335,365 claims with whiplash in the description field in 2015/16, compared with 376,513 in 2014/15 and 488,281 in 2012/13. But clearly there’s been some tampering going on there.

Much as outgoing War on Whiplash commandant the late lamented George ‘Gio’ Osborne (Gee-Gee to older friends who choose to recall his original first, now second, name), would have loved this to be true, it clearly isn’t.

Whiplash is as much a scourge as ever – and if compensators aren’t calling it that anymore it’s probably because they’re taking cervical soft tissue injuries more seriously than ever and carefully avoiding creating the wrong impression by appearing to apply a pejorative term that might seem to belittle or dismiss claimants’ injuries.

In the meantime we can only pray that Gio’s rough ejection, at the hands of former glamour model Tereeza May, will not interfere with the swift introduction of promised WoW initiatives like scrapping general damages for minor “soft tissue” injuries, reducing the small clams limit to £5k for personal injury claims and transporting would-be claimants to the colonies – as soon as we’ve officially reclaimed them.

Any let up in the WoW risks derailing the hugely benign rating environment in which decent honest whiplash-free motor policyholders are seeing their premiums go up only by a perfectly reasonable, affordable and understandable amount.



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