Just when you probably thought the bar for classiness in the field of corporate hospitality type entertainment had been set about as far as it could possibly go height-wise, Bankstone’s good friends at Adrian Flux have only gone and nudged it up another notch.

O. M. G.

There simply is no other three-letter initialised abbreviation half-way adequate to express the merest inkling of the absolute awe and wonder experienced by Bankstone director Dixon Typo on a Norfolk lawn last Friday night.

Make no mistake: Typo has seen his fair share of corporate events down the years (and a generous helping of co-director AJ Jones’ share on the quiet too), but even he was struck quite literally dumb by the unprecedented ambience of classiness, swank, and all round corporate entertainment excellence in evidence at the Adrian Flux 2014 Summer Ball.

The proceedings had more class than Claridges, more class than CMS Lucknow, more than nineteenth century railway carriages, more, even, than the British social system. If the event were a girl, it would have to be called Myleene, or Alisha, or Santa, or something.

Typo, Jones, and fellow Bankstone bigwig Mark “The Woodsman” Woods were all honoured and elated at the chance to attend this “marquee event” of the corporate entertainment season, an occasion which, all Three Amigos fervently averred, outstripped even the myriad splendours of the 2013 ball.

A flawless summer evening sky bathed in radiant light the elegant exterior of three-storey pile Flux Towers, casting gently creeping shadows across nailscissor-perfect lawn swards, caressing the canvas flanks of a very large tent indeed, suffusing its interior with a slowly subsiding golden glow.

A four-piece guitar ensemble filled the fragrant air with jingly-thrumming loveliness, while, Typo insists (though surely this must be poetical hyperbole), magicians “floated around” performing conjuring feats no mortal intelligence could begin to comprehend.

From a gastronomic POV, Typo recalls crab cakes, the highlight for him of a menu combining uniform deliciositude with quite unprecedented optionousness – with three or four different dishes on offer at each of three or four courses, all served beneath a canopy hung with decorative spherical objects in profusion (in place of last year’s pastel bunting).

At the end of an utterly fabulous evening, the same coaches that had swept guests from their hotels to Flux Towers earlier, reappeared to scoop them up and drop them off from whence they came, happily replete one and all with fine food, booze and festive cheerfulness.

If any bold challenger flatters themselves to imagine that they could possibly match an event like this, please invite us.

Pictures of this year’s event were not available at the time of going to press – so here’s some from last year instead.



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