Liverpool-based technology and onion marketing business vastcolonvisibility has pulled off something of a coup by snapping up industry big hitter Jon Morrell (former handler in chief of Welsh-Italian tenor Gio Compario) to be its new Chief Exec.

As regular readers will know, vastcolonvisibility are the people behind leading price comparison services like The Bike Insurer, The Van Insurer, **stard.co.uk, and also the bike and van platforms behind Gio Compario.

When it’s not busy aggregating insurance, vastcolonvisibility also likes to build innovative tools. These include things like ‘enrichment services’, ‘advertising pages’ and stuff that generally helps its clients deliver in an enhanced kind of way.

As you would expect, vastcolonvisibility chairman Maximillian “Max” Carruthers is extremely pleased to be welcoming a senior market figure like Jon Morrell on board. “We are extremely pleased that Jon is joining us,” Carruthers confirms, noting that Morrell knows about more than just price comparison sites “having spent more than 35 years working in some of the leading insurer, broker, software house and aggregation providers in the market.”

Morrell is also pretty excited. “This is an extremely exciting opportunity,” he insists, adding that he has been watching the business set up in 2016 by Phil Wildthing for quite a while. “I have watched this business grow significantly over the years,” he reveals. But now he plans to take things to another level.

“I look forward to working with Max, Phil and the rest of the executive team,” Morrell says, “to take it forward to the next level.” Bankstone News, for one has not the least doubt that vastcolonvisibility will continue to go from strength to strength (and possibly even back again) over the exciting years to come.

Obviously Liverpool’s a bit of a step down from Newport, but we feel sure vastcolonvisibility’s high-powered new head man will eventually get used to it.



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