Uvavu’s ill-conceived attempt to make a mini-drama out of a crisis in the life of hapless regular-bloke motorcycle casualty Gary and serialise it between segments of much-loved wishy-washy toff-saga Downturn Abbey has incensed an entire nation – including, it now appears, media regulator Ofcom, who’ve ruled that Uvavu’s indecorous bookends were more like ads than sponsorship.

Leaving aside the fact that more or less nobody knew or cared that Uvavu were meant to be sponsoring Downturn rather than advertising around it, this sounds like a very grave matter indeed. A stern slap to the wrist for the mark-overstepping insurer related specifically to the aforementioned Gary claiming fascinatingly at one point in his tediously drawn-out recovery that his insurance policy would still cover him if he retrained whilst hobbling about bravely on crutches.

Uvavu have apologised and promised not to do it again. Which would probably suit everyone pretty well, come to think of it.

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