Another day, another depressing example of the ludicrous lengths to which indecent, dishonest, law-ignoring chancers will go to get their hands on money that rightly belongs to decent, honest, law-abiding motor insurance policyholders (and/or their insurer’s shareholders).

Jake ‘Brutal’ Bostik is a man who fights other men in cages for a living. On that basis, you might expect him to be pretty tough, mightn’t you. Not a bit of it!

Poor Brutal was so shaken by a minor motor car collision on Sarf London’s notorious Deptford High Street back on 15 June 2015 that he was left “severely restricted in his ability to lift items, sleep, or care for himself”.

Or so he claimed…

Unfortunately for Brutal, his insurers “Unforgiving” Uvavu decided to do a bit of googling before settling his whiplash claim. They quickly discovered that a couple of months into the six-month period during which Brutal was supposedly unable to “lift items, sleep, or care for himself” he was boasting on social media about his ability to flip a 25kg weightlifting ‘plate’ through 180 degrees in mid air and catch it again with his right hand.

Whether or not a 25kg weight counts as an item, legal experts may quibble, but Brutal’s posting “Super happy! 25kg plate flip! #strong #grip Was working this for ages” rather tended to cast doubt on the true extent of his whiplash-related incapacitation.

Uvavu’s web trawl also revealed that Brutal had competed in, and won, major MMA bouts on 23 May 2015 (shortly before the June RTA in which his disabling neck injury supposedly occurred) and again on 12 December 2015. In the course of the former fight, Brutal reported during an interview on 1 September 2015, he had sustained a broken jaw, a ‘possible broken arm’, a ‘busted shin’ and had ‘almost been knocked out twice’. None of which he had elected to mention to his insurers when asked about any potentially relevant past medical history.

Brutal dropped his claim soon after the results of his insurer’s web trawl were made known to his solicitor. But that didn’t stop “Unrelenting” Uvavu going after him. At Clerkenwell County Court on 18 October District Judge Julius “Jam-Maker” Jackson concluded that Brutal had made a dishonest personal injury claim and should pay Uvavu’s costs of more than £7,900.

Which just goes to show, as Bankstone News’ grandmother Bacofolia Princess of Mars always used to say during her long years of exile on Planet Earth, If you can’t live the lie, then don’t tell it.


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