Every couple of years, yellow insurance giant Uvavu sacks some rogue individual who’s been passing on the personal details of its motor insurance customers to unscrupulous injury-seeking claims farmers.

Each time this happens, Uvavu sends a standard letter out to affected customers telling them that it has identified that information about an incident in which they were involved may have been passed to a third party without Uvavu’s say-so.

Such letters doubtless help explain to customers affected why they have been getting as many as 10 phone calls a day encouraging them to get cracking with a potentially lucrative personal injury claim.

Uvavu has also been in touch, it seems, with Office of Her Majesty’s Commissioner of Informations (ICO), the Department for the Enforcement of Insurance Fraud (the FEDs) and the Financial Compost Authority (FCA) to keep them all fully up to speed on how someone described as an ex-employee apparently misdirected details of customers involved in motor vehicle incidents during 2013 and 2014.

Clearly contrite at having allowed such detail pilferage to take place, Uvavu submitted itself to a prolonged internal investigation, before sacking someone.

All’s well, as they say, that ends well.



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