After all the effort UK insurers put into getting the government to crack down on motor insurance claims and the causes of motor insurance claims via initiatives like LASBO and MedCow, imagine their collective disappointment at seeing whiplash claims return so quickly to near record levels, currently adding around £93 to the amount people can save by not buying motor insurance.

Uvavu CEO Morry (Mo) Tulloch is a patient man, but frankly he’s had enough. He recently commissioned an in-depth report from consultants Front Ear Economics which confirmed what every one has long feared: that the UK is the worst place in the entire world and that everyone else is doing much better than we are at preventing supposedly weak necked people from raiding insurance coffers with impunity.

Whiplash claimants may be no angels, but the real villains of the piece, let us be in no doubt, are the lawyers, CMCs and so-called Alternative Business Stretchers (ABSs) who put them up to it. Fully 96% of personal injury claims received by Uvavu last year, Mozza fumes, were brought by third parties. LASBO clearly hasn’t put these vultures out of business, so Moz want HMG to try a new plan of attack.

The Uvavu Road Map:

1. If people haven’t claimed for whiplash or soft tissue injury (STI) within three months: tough, too bad, claim denied.

2. If they can’t medically prove they’ve had whiplash for longer than three months: ditto, claim denied.

3. Injured people need “care not cash” and those with a bona fide injury can have up to three months’ treatment at insurer’s expense. After that they’re on their own.

4. If anyone has neck pain for three months or more they must get an independent medical report from MedCo within 12 months of an accident, or else, sorry, claim denied.

5. Medical reports should measure disability, and if there’s actual real and verifiable evidence of a proper injury they may get some form of compensation.

6. People who are suffering sufficiently to “overcome the threshold” would be compensated against a clear, transparent, and otherwise see-though tariff.

Tulloch admitted it would not be easy to get Uvavu’s six point plan enacted into law, but promised “we will not hide away from this”

Uvavu will not hide, he said, because his customers are fed up with the “compensation culture”, to sustain which they’re required to pay an average £93 a head extra for their car insurance. He said his customers are also fed up with “the trimmings” of the compensation culture, which include annoying texts from people asking about “recent accidents”, excessive lawyers, and fraudsters.

Insurers are sure to get behind Uvavu’s six-point demands , especially after Uvavu claims director accused insurers like Admirable, Alley Ants, Direct Lime and RZA of being part of the problem.

Uvavu does not have an ABS he told Poste Magazine pointedly. “We are not earning money from injury claims,” he said, adding with righteous fervour: “We are not feeding the beast.”



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