Automotive fencing firm Carp Loans 4U have this week revealed that hundreds of thousands of Britons are driving around in cars that are barely roadworthy and certainly not safe because their owners can’t afford to repair them.

Yes, times are tough in cash-strapped Britian, and many UK citizens simply can’t afford to make their vehicles properly roadworthy. But, with the price of oil plummeting towards tuppence a barrel, they can at least afford to drive them (see last week’s in-depth coverage in Bankstone News).

Insurers may, of course, be less than thrilled to learn that it’s not just drivers of matchstick-flimsy classic cars who are riding about in deathtrap-dangerous mobile accident hotspots.

A survey carried out by the car fiancé firm found that many drivers are ‘flouting the law’ in cars with key safety features (including brakes, tyres, headlights, seat belts and windscreens) either compromised or missing altogether.

Within a sample of just 2,000 drivers, Cart Loons 4U found 5.1 million vehicles with bald tyres, 2.9 million with broken or missing wing mirrors, 2.8 million with broken headlights, and two million with malfunctioning brakes.

But even when their cars develop fundamental problems like these – or like broken brake lights or power steering – they dare not take their hideous rust buckets anywhere near a repair shop a) because they fear a host of other costly issues will emerge and b) because they can’t afford it anyway.

One in four in CL4U’s survey felt they needed to replace their entire vehicle, but simply didn’t have the funds. If only there were a friendly and professional lender ready to offer them a loan on truly affordable terms.

Guess not.



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