Much as we all love to see our friends do well (rolls eyes while vigorously miming repeated auto-gagging double-digit insertion), Bankstone’s old muckers at ARAG have been well and truly taking the p*ss lately.

Winning the odd award here and there is all well and good. No problem with that. In principle. But, notwithstanding numerous gentle hints dropped in previous editions of Bankstone News, Bristol based BTE/ATE bad boys ARAG will insist on greedily scooping up any and every award that’s going.

Their latest act of heedless board-sweepage came at the prestigious Underwiring Services Awards 2015 event held in the prestigious gardens of London’s prestigious Royal Hotel on Wednesday night last week.

Not content with ‘snapping up’ the award for Legal Expanses Team of the Year, the b*ggers also nabbed Managing General Agents Team of the Year and Underwiring Team of the Ear.

Enough is enough, Lads. Give someone else a chance. What about your fellow Bristolians D.A.S.? Isn’t it about time you let them win something?

And what’s this? Bankstone News has just learned that ARAG is up for Insurance Provider of the Year at the prestigious Personal Injury Awards on Thursday. Kindly do the decent thing and step aside for Alley Antz or Financial Illegal Insurance Company or somebody.

And in any case, impressive as all these awards may look in the ARAG trophy room, Bankstone News has it on good authority that the only reason they keep winning them is that there isn’t a better Legal Expenses firm in the UK.

Nuff said!



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