Congratulations to the British media for making a celebrity and folk hero out of nonentity nutter Rowlmoat. Please may Bankstone News never have to hear that stupid name again!

While countless events of genuine importance slipped silently off the news agenda, the nation watched agog as one unenlightening non-update followed another and The Sun captured the moral high ground by publishing Moat’s risible ramblings in full.

Fascinating to note, however, that the car Moat was driving prior to his ultimate showdown with on-trial uber-tasers and his own shotgun was a Lexus IS200 SE, an entry-level luxury saloon with plenty of room in the cabin, an eye-catching instrument panel and very respectable performance for its price-range.

Falling into insurance band 14, the Lexus IS200 SE, has been criticised for its poor fuel economy, but owners have generally reported positively on its reliability and all round performance.


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