Shocking new research findings unveiled by The Accident Exchange this week revealed the startling fact that when one or more cars is written off following a collision it can often be a sign that a serious accident has taken place.

Liz Fisher, sales director at The Accident Exchange, explains: “A total loss generally indicates that a serious accident has taken place.”

This revelation is all the more concerning, she emphasises, because a lot of cars are being written off, suggesting that a lot of serious accidents could well be taking place – perhaps more than some people realised.

Having commissioned some research into cars being written off, Liz and her colleagues at The Accident Exchange have concluded that the number of vehicles written-off annually (257,000 in 12 months) and the estimated “value” this represents (just shy of £2 billion)  is “staggering”. Bankstone News for one certainly did some staggering when we read those figures. Although we had just got back from the Badgers at the time, which might have contributed.

The Accident Exchange (a unique online marketplace that helps people who find themselves in the unfortunate position of having accidentally driven a vehicle, through no fault of their own, by allowing them to swap accidents with other people who have had accidents on purpose – or something) has certainly done the industry a huge service by uncovering the previous unsuspected prevalence of cars being written off.

Around 12% of crashes involving vehicles involve one or more vehicle(s) being written off, the new research reveals:  a clear sign that either lots of serious accidents are taking place of that lots of vehicles are being written off unnecessarily – or both. Or something else we haven’t thought of.

If you are going to have an accident, and you don’t want to see a write-off made of the cherished car you’ve spent so many sunday afternoons lovingly sponging with lashings slippery warm wet soapy water, The Accident Exchange advise, the best time of year to do it is between May and July. This, it seems, is when the proportion of cars written off is at it’s lowest. Conversely, if you’re planning on pranging anytime in November, don’t expect to see your pride and joy again: write offs are more or less a foregone conclusion from Halloween through to St Andrews Day.

You have been warned.


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