Have you noticed how expensive everything’s getting lately? Bankstone News certainly has. And we’re none too thrilled, we don’t mind telling you!

At times like, this a person casts about compulsively for uncut corners and pennies left unpinched. Just briefly, just the other day, we thought we’d spotted one.

Rifling through the trunk in the corner in which we keep all our letters (our bills and receipts, we keep too), Bankstone News happened upon a crumpled A4 print-out saying something about ‘comprehensive’ motor insurance.

Aha, we thought, a little less comprehension (motor insurance wise) might be the ideal way to save ourselves a bob or two. No sooner had we resolved to go for something leaner, meaner, and altogether more TPFTish, however, than a press release from nodding dog insurer Churchill landed on our news desk (handily soaking up a quantity of recently spilled Irn Bru as it did so) advising us – and anyone else who cared to listen – that even thinking about opting for anything other than fully comprehensive car insurance would be extremely ill advised.

Why, you may ask, might that be the case?

Inevitably, we’re just about to tell you.

If you’d just stop interrupting for one second.

It’s because the chances of your motor getting totalled, mashed-up, or otherwise put beyond use are scarily high. So high, in fact, that your vehicle might be out there getting wrecked at this very moment, even without you being in it to drive it really badly or anything.

According to Churchill’s crack team of number crunchers, more than a thousand cars get written off by insurers every single day. That’s right: scarcely credibly, insurers wrote off 384,000 vehicles last year. That’s one every 90 seconds.

By a weird coincidence, most of these cars belonged to men, most of those being men on the young side. Being a beard-strokey kind of guy, however, Steve Bart ‘Head of Car’ at Churchill says write offs are a bit like visits to food banks.

“A car can be written off for any number of reasons,” Steve reckons. Although, usually, it’s either because it’s unsafe (or impossible) to drive around in or because attempting to fix it would be tantamount to launching good money off on the same ill-fated trajectory previously followed by bad money.

‘This analysis shows,’ Steve warns, that you should definitely buy comprehensive motor insurance, because otherwise you’ll be well and truly undelighted when the nigh-on-inevitable happens and some shoot-first insurance bloke writes your car off, with only the very vaguest notion of possibly making some enquiries on a subsequent occasion.

It really is that kind of world we’re living in. Sadly.


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