September 22, 2015

Pssssst. Hey. You. Yeah you! Wanna buy some motor insurance? Come on, you know you do! I can do you a special price for cash, right here, right now, no questions asked. Believe me, you won’t get a deal like this anywhere else. This is pukka, gilt-edged motor insurance. Come on, let’s shake on it, Brother. Give me you hand.

We’ve all been there. It’s late at night, you’re staggering around some pub, club, or university campus (how did we end up there, right?!). Some guy sidles up with a bunch of motor insurance policies in his inside breast pocket and before you know it you’re shovelling a bundle of crumpled notes into his eager grubby hands.

That’s no way to buy motor insurance, warns insurers’ lobby group the ABI. Motorists, they say, should “steer clear of cheap insurance deals sold in pubs, clubs, campuses and on dubious websites.” The policies they sell are often not worth the paper they’re printed on. And, let’s be honest, we’re probably talking about some pretty cheap paper in the first place!

A lot of the guys you find hanging around in bars and nightclubs touting super-cheap insurance deals are probably not even proper insurance brokers. Eerily, they may actually be ghost brokers, which would explain why they only come out at night. If you then have an accident, you could find your motor insurance cover simply vanishes into thin air!

So, as the ABI’s snappy new awareness-raising catch phrase goes: “When the price sounds too nice, it pays to think twice!

Next time some dodgy dealer wanders over talking all smooth about cut price cover, hold your hand up, palm outwards, and insist your conversation goes no further until you’ve got out your smart phone and looked him up on a website like the Motor Insurers’ Bureau’s Motor Insurance Database of Motor Insurance Providers or the Financial Services Register or something.

If he doesn’t hang around while you’re checking him out, odds are he’s a wrong ‘un and you’re well shot of the blighter. It just could be you’ll have busted one of those so-called ghost brokers.

Better no insurance at all than insurance that’s worse than none at all! *


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