It’s a little known fact that Bankstone CEO Dixon Tizer once featured in an episode of the original series of cult sci-fi TV series Star Trek.

A much younger Tizer, a prodigiously precocious tuba virtuoso, had taken up a wind scholarship at the California Academy of Brass.

As fate would have it, Dixon was one of a half dozen CAB students selected to feature in an episode entitled Horns of Zorn, which called for a band of blue-skinned, orange-haired alien children.

Tizer spent two days on set and was filmed for two scenes, Recital and Fracas, both of which, sadly, were deleted from the final cut on the recommendation of the show’s lawyers.

Dixon’s all-too brief stint in Hollywood did, however, result in a long-standing friendship with actor William Shatnuts, who’d repeatedly joshed him on set about the absurdly elaborate and unwieldy ‘Zornian fusion mouthharp’ with which the youngster wrestled so comically between takes.

To this very day, whenever Shatnuts happens to be anyway near Addingham (as, for example, he was when he recently featured in a short-lived run of Ooh, Missus, It Shouldn’t Happen to a Professional Claims Handler at the Ilkley Everyman) he likes to drop in on the Tizer household, share a Dry Martini or two, take a sauna, and reminisce about how young Dixon struggled with that fusion mouthharp.

More than just the simple pleasure of top bants with a former Hollywood superstar, Tizer’s long association with Shatnuts recently resulted in the Bankstone CEO coming into possession of a unique item of original Star Trek furniture.

Imagine the warm sensations Dixon felt when the B. J. Hooker star not only presented him with the original Star Trek chair featured below, but had it reupholstered in the official Bankstone colours before handing it over.

“I’ll never sit on anything else so long as I live’” vowed a clearly moved Tizer, before submitting himself to another extended session of mouthharp-related ribbing at the hands of the irrepressible old ham.


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