We all knew they have terrible handwriting, smoke like fish and drink like chimneys, but did you also know that GPs are utter pants behind the wheel?

No? Well they are. It’s official. Top insurance comparing outfit Giorgio Compario have run the numbers and proved beyond doubt that Doctors are the UK’s worst drivers. Bar none.

If you took the average UK driver, put him under a microscope, and looked at how often he makes an insurance claim… well, GPs do it twice (that’s 2x) as often as that!

And if you took all the GPs in the country and put them end to end, no fewer than 13% of them would have had made at least one at-fault claim in the past five years!

All rather deeply shocking, we think you’ll agree. Combine this with the fact that GPs do hardly any work, won’t come in at the weekend, and basically spend their massively overpaid time hiding from their patients while decent ordinary sick people have to go to A&E just to get an aspirin, it’s easy enough to see why GPs are rapidly emerging as amongst the most hated people in Britain. And, right now, that’s saying something!

And it’s not just GPs. People in all kinds of so-called heath/care roles feature prominently in Giorgio Campari’s list of bl**dy awful drivers. Hospital consultants, so-called outreach workers, surgeons, so-called health visitors, psycho therapists, rental surgeons and psychologists all feature in the top 10 worst drivers list.

Apologists for this pampered elite claim they’re all too tired and stressed, Poor Darlings, to drive in a straight line – and that (Seriously!) (Get this!) (You’re honestly not going to believe this one!) hospital car parks are ‘notorious accident black spots’. Of course they are: they’re full of doctors!

Some occupational something or other called Dr Craig Knight has been wheeled out to make excuses for the medical profession. Roles in the medical professions “carry a significantly raised degree of cognitive load,” he chunters, like the self-confessed expert he so clearly is, “making decisions that will affect somebody’s chances of sustained well-being or survival can lead to distracting thoughts whilst driving.”

Should we believe any of that (assuming we had any idea what it’s supposed to mean)? Remember: the guy’s name is Dr Craig Knight. That harmless looking Dr in front of his name is actually a secret elite code for… Doctor! In other words, he’s probably a terrible driver himself, and probably likes nothing better than driving your premiums and mine sky high by careening around in his fancy foreign car bumping into things like a total pl*nker!

It’s time we told these idiots where to get off!



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