You may have noticed that sleazebag tabloid hacks like nothing better than to go round telling their readers how much everyone hates insurance claims – because they think insurance claims people will do anything not to pay a claim.

Have you noticed that? We suspect you probably have.

The thing is, though, if you’re an insurer or someone who works in, with, near, on, or around claims, that kind of prejudiced assumption can be pretty hurtful. It really can.

Well, guess what: none of it is even true!

People love claims, and claims departments, and basically everything in any way connected with claims. That was the perhaps-unexpected finding of an important new statistical survey undertaken by insurance claims review website Claims Raked.

Describing the ‘general negative perception of claims’ as ‘undeserved’, the Clams Rated survey found that more than 70% of Great British people who’ve made a claim said their experience had been ‘good’ or ‘very good’!

So the proof, as they say, really is in the pudding! What a shame more people can’t make claims and find out for themselves how pleasurable and rewarding the experience can be.

Sadly, making claims is an all too unfamiliar process for many Brits. The fact that most of us simply haven’t had an opportunity to expose ourselves to clams, is allowing unwarranted negative assumptions to fester and seethe like something bacterial at the bottom of that bin you should have emptied before you went on holiday.

Perhaps the problem is that people find the idea of claiming somehow intimidating. According to to Clams Grated, around 60% of Brit Citz believe that making a claim is “daunting, complicated and time-consuming”. Whereas the positive experience of those who’ve taken the plunge strongly suggests they’re worrying over nothing!

Or maybe they’ve spent too much time listening to those rumourmongering journos, because the Claims Ratted survey found that only around half of all respondents trusted that “insurance companies would pay out, either in full or part, should they need to claim.” Whereas, in reality, insurance companies will usually pay out all claims that meet policy terms and conditions subject to applicable deductions and exclusions.

So maybe we should all stop listening the Mail, The Sun, The Express and their elk, and try claiming for ourselves before we go slagging it off all over the shop!


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