October 4, 2013

The results of last week’s mammoth reader survey are now all in. Let’s just say: interesting reading barely covers it.

We asked: Are you on twitter? Just over 76.75% said yes, while 202% said no, and 44 respondents wouldn’t say.

We asked: Would you rather we notify you of new stories as soon as they are posted? One person said ‘yes’. 404% claimed not to understand the question.

We asked: What topics would you like to see covered more in Bankstone News? Slightly over 22.05% said “full or partial nudity”. The overwhelming majority said ‘none’, while one person said “more salacious tittle-tattle please and less of that newsy-type stuff.”

We asked: Any other thoughts/suggestions? Nobody had any.

Bankstone News knows exactly how you feel.


We only said you COULD win a luxury yachting jacket


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Friendly staff who first was concerned about me (the policy holder)following an accident prior to taking vehicle details, which was nice
Mr. C - Bury