As fellow West Yorkshireites, Bankstone News feels honour bound to register a degree of umbrage at recent attempts to brand Bradford Bradford, the City that Motor Insurance Forgot.

In what is almost certain to be an entirely unsubstantiated, misrepresentative and otherwise trumped-up piece of “research” carried out by or for the Royal Parliament of the UK of England, some troublemakers are claiming that there are more crashes involving uninsured drivers in Bradford (more specifically Bradford West) than anywhere else in (Still) Great Britain.

According to some jumped-up cabal calling itself the Parliamentary Advisory Network for Transport Safety (PANTS), the so-called ‘dashed-off research’ shows that there are twice as many prangs involving uninsured drivers in Brad West as there are in ‘the national average’.

The implication being, clearly (though they’re too mealy-mouthed to come out and say it), that folks in Bratford aren’t any too keen on forking out for motor insurance policies. Well, we’d like to see them come round here and start bandying similar assertions about!

The self-styled executive director of PANTS, one David Davies (the self same Davey Davies, it turns out, who’s also Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, or SEXIT for short) claims vaguely that this malicious and offensive report is based on casualty data reported by the police and “information from insurance companies”.

Well Bankstone News utterly “refutes” these allegations and humbly submits that surely those Scousers or somebody else over the wrong side of the Pennines must be worse than those much maligned and put-upon Bradfonians.

Just saying.



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