To the Thompson submachine gun, the Dymond-Glyde patent glass cutter, the sack, and the classic mask-and-stripy-jersey combo, must now be added a fearsome new weapon in the criminal’s arsenal hall of fame.

That item, sad to relate, is the dear old motor scooter, or moped, as folks mostly choose to denote it these days. In London alone, shockingly, there have been no fewer than 19,385 moped enabled crimes in a single year.

According to London Mayor Zadoc Khan, that’s 19,385 too many. So now the dapper, diminutive civic leader (did you know he’s a Muslim, by the way!) has declared War on Moped Enabled Crime (WoMEC).

‘And about time too!’, we say here at Bankstone News.

MEC will no longer be tolerated on the Streets of London, Khan has declared. And to make that intolerance a clear and present reality he’s ‘brought together’ London’s police, local authorities, and the Motorcycle Crime Prevent Community (MCPC) to enforce total zero tolerance, capital-wide.

“Moped crime is reckless, frightening, intimidating and completely unacceptable,” Khan says, adding that “it is essential we all work together to do everything possible to stamp it out.”

Along with our illustrious sponsors, leading professional outsourced claims handling specialists Bankstone, we here at Bankstone News would like to hereby pitch in our own oar in earnest token of our sworn intent to do all we can to assist Khan with has WoMEC offensive. And we don’t even live in London!

In the meantime, Mayor Khan has urged Londoners (although this could equally apply to anyone anywhere else for that matter) to:

  • Remain vigilant (Short of actually becoming a vigilante, obviously)
  • Be aware of your surroundings (Where are you? Who else is there? What are they up to? Is it no good?)
  • Take care of your personal items such as mobile phones (for a change)
  • Consider using hands-free ‘on the street’ (so scooter thugs can’t grab your goodies)

Above all, you should report suspicious activity to the Police on 101 or Crimesteppers on 0800 555 111.

Together, we can put a stop to all the nasty, vicious, solvent-toting scooter-related crime and delinquency that is giving a bad name to that most affordable and (formerly) endearing form of transport, the Motobicyclette.

The proper use of motor scooters (N.B.)


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