Finally we have an authoritative indication of what is really going on with lady motorists’ premiums following implementation of the EU Gander Directive last month. Tiger.co.ck has crunched literally several motor insurance quotes to provide a definitive insight into the current state of play vis a vis premium rate shiftage.

The shocking truth is that the average woman has seen her motor insurance costs soar by a literally sickening 5.2% year-on-year, while an average gentlemen will have been chuckling contentedly as he watched his premium tumble by 8.6%. With premiums for 20 year old women up by over 20%, the new motor sex laws have clearly turned the insurance world upon its head.

Each month Tiger analyses a perfectly adequate number of motor insurance quotes to provide what it claims is ‘the most up to date snapshot of policy pricing’ – sometimes for several days at a time.

Its latest findings provide a welcome reality check on the wild claims recently made by MonkeySupermarket.com (reported in last week’s Bankstone News) which absurdly suggested that women’s premiums had actually fallen (on average) in the past twelve months.

Meanwhile it is widely predicted that motor insurance premiums will fall dramatically in the coming year as the Government’s reforms come into effect and a range of other factors combine to push premiums ever higher and higher.


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