Estonian celebrity love god and former Cheeky Boy Lembit Opec has put aside his habitual ‘hard to get’ persona to sign up with bike lobby boys the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) as Director of Communications and Public Affairs.

“If one person combines political focus with the passion needed fully to reflect MAG’s determination to defend the heart and soul of biking,” commented MAG cheese Johnny Mitchell, “it’s Lembit Öpik.” Which leads Bankstone News to suppose that there can only have been one person – or they’d hardly have picked this one.

According to embittered TV weather witch Siân Lloyd, at the time when the pair enjoyed an ill-starred season of encouplement in the mid-noughties, Opit’s driving passions were women and booze.

But now, Mitchell insists, the former IACGMOOH reject’s “core passions” are “liberty and motorcycling”, predicting that the man alleged to sext as “Puppy Dog” will be harnessing these twin passions very firmly to the M.A.G. cause.

His new employers availed themselves of the platform provided by the recent Motorcycle Live event to announce that the former Lib Dem MP for Montypythonshire would be coming on board to help them stand up for the rights of bikes and scooters everywhere (everywhere within the UK, that is).

“People know me for a lot of things,” acknowledged self-confessed serial bike owner Mr Optic. Which is almost certainly true. But mostly they remember Siân Lloyd, Gabriella Cheeky Girl, HIGNFY, and those somewhat dubious parliamentary expenses claims.

No-one could doubt, however, that the man has a talent for self-publicity. One that could rank alongside those of luminaries like Neil and Christine Hamilton or even David Ike. But while those others’ light may now burn but dimly, Lumpit avers that he is “as passionate as ever”.

Rejoice, then, O Bikers, for you have a powerful new friend!



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