For some strange reason, motor insurance premiums in the charming West Yorks cathedral town of Bradford are a bit on the high side.

Luckily, local MP Dave Ward (Little Democrat, Bradford East) is backing tough new measures that will put an end to runaway motor premiums – even in places like Bradford.

At a special top level meeting last night at Bradford City Hall, Dave presented the findings of his hard-hitting new report “Unaffordable insurance – applying the brakes.”

One local man, Dave revealed, had complained of being quoted £26,000* to insure his vehicle. How was he supposed to afford that? On his wages? Were they having a laugh or something?

Acutely sensitive to his constituents’ motor premium pain, Dave vowed to get to the bottom of why “premiums in Bradford are some of the highest in the country.”

At last night’s summit, he invited Bradfordians young and old to help him get to grips with this puzzling anomaly, along with a top-level panel comprising a policeman, someone from Cooperative Insurance, and of course Dave himself.

“Thanks to all at our car insurance summit tnite,” tweeted Dave last night, “huge issue for my #Bradford constituents – premiums are coming down but more to come”

Reassuring news indeed for all those in Bradford considering walking or buying a bike.


* The popular indignation sparked by quotes like this, rather suggests to Bankstone News that – to avoid being misunderstood – insurers need to make their ‘F-Off’ quotes either much more or much less ridiculous.


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