Want to get cheap car insurance? The answer’s surprisingly simple: build your own car out of mahogany window frames, cake tins and plumbers’ leftovers.*

That’s how Stephen Crawford of Driffield, East Yorks secured the slimmed down premium of just £88 per year for his petrol-driven scrap-built “1924 Hispano Suiza inspired” motor carriage.

The six-meter wooden-framed car, Crawford told the BBC, is “remarkably similar to a modern car, believe it or not. There are no rattles and bangs.” Three years in the making, Crawford’s head-turning new ride was put together using bits and pieces lying around on his farm.

“The throttle system is the head of a piston which is fantastic and it works beautifully,” he said. “The wing stays are made from the water pipes from the farm, but the piece de resistance was a brainwave I had when I was shopping in the supermarket and they were selling cake tins buy one get one free. They’re perfect headlamps.”

* And become a retired accountant from Yorkshire.


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