A learner driver was apprehended driving a 4WD vehicle along the eastbound carriageway of the M62 last Sunday, the Bradford Telegraph and Argus reported this week, accompanied only by a parrot.

When West Yorks motor cops stopped Gilly-Anne Tinklet (not real name), 19 (not real age), they quickly established that her fellow passenger was not in fact a qualified driver but an African Grey parrot.

Quick to see the funny side of this unusual incident, officers confiscated Ms Tinklet’s Pea Green Cayenne (not real vehicle), and charged her with “a number of motoring offences, including speeding”. The Parrot may or may not have been charged with impersonating a licensed driver.

Chief Inspector Mark Brownass commented “The rules of the road exist for a very good reason and it is important to remember that if this lady had been in a crash or incident she would not have been covered by insurance as she was not licensed for the journey.”

On the basis that anything involving parrots is intrinsically funny, every newspaper in the country has duly featured this story, so why we’re bothering telling you about it all over again is anybody’s guess.



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