Bankstone News’ new road test reviewer Marty Butch wishes us to convey that he has been flattered and touched. By the many well-wishing comments he has received from readers anxious to enquire after his physical and mental good health following the trials and tribulations of his first two outings in the Bankstone News test seat.

Butch fans will be delighted to learn that Marty is very much alive and well and looking forward to returning to these pages in the very near future – just as soon, in fact, as we can find someone else willing to volunteer their vehicle as his next test subject.

Anyone who would like Marty to run his trusted hands and eyes over their automotive pride and joy is hereby invited to email editor@bankstone-news.co.uk advising us of the make model and other particulars of the vehicle you are volunteering for a thorough Marty Butch testing.

Marty assures us that he is able both to pick up and deliver.

Might sound a bit brash, but that’s just his way.


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