When Lewis Shallcross of Crownhill, Plymouth was pulled over by police doing 60mph at midnight in a 30mph zone on his yellow KTM 125cc motocross bike and pulling wheelies, the Telegraph reported this week, the 20-year-old reportedly adopted a defiantly “belligerent” manner. When asked what speed limit he thought applied the street-lamped residential road in question, he carelessly replied: “a hundred miles an hour!”

Everything, in fact, was going swimmingly well with this interview right up until the moment when officers decided to confiscate the youngster’s helmet camera, subsequently charging him with dangerous and careless driving on the strength footage it contained of Shallcross weaving recklessly at speed in and out of traffic the streets, parks and footbridges of Plymouth, with neither lights nor the least regard for the safety of other road users.

Ali Rafati, who spoke in mitigation at the trial that saw Shallcross banned for 18 months and ordered to undertake 250 hours community service and a re-test, offered lamely that the youngster had “a lot of growing up to do.” To assess for yourself exactly how much, you may wish to click on the image below and review the evidence on the Telegraph’s website.

Safari - Video: Motorcyclist caught by own dangerous headcam footage - Telegraph copy


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