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Bankstone’s sister company Bankstone Advantage has a new website. Advantages, of course, are almost universally regarded as good things (though fair-play sticklers may baulk at those deemed unfair) and Bankstone Advantage is certainly no exception to this rule.

But what advantage or advantages, precisely, you may wonder – assuming you haven’t already clicked off to their new site to find out for yourself – does Bankstone Advantage bestow upon its clients? Well, quite a few, actually. Exactly which depends on whether you’re a fleet manager, somebody running a leasing company, an insurer or a broker.

Commiserations, incidentally, to those who find themselves none of these things. If that’s you, you might want to take a few moments to ask yourself where your life has gone wrong and whether, perhaps there’s still time, as Michael Jackson used to say, before clearly there wasn’t for him or that weird looking bloke in the mirror, to make a change.

Rather than spill the beans here, and thereby inevitably spoil the suspense, Bankstone News will spare you the specifics and content itself with urging you, in the strongest possible terms, whatever niche you call your own in life’s professional panoply, to visit Bankstone Advantage’s richly informative and user friendly website to find out for yourself.

You’re sure to find it a refreshing change from the tediously protracted and utterly unilluminating old b*ll*cks you’ve just read.


Premier Repair Group (PRG) has entered a partnership with Bankstone Advantage Ltd to provide central functionality processes for the repairer group that include industry leading deployment technology, centralised invoicing and full management information facilities, both on line and traditional.

For further details on this story click here to visit the Bankstone Advantage website.


Just months after being deemed surplus to requirements at beleaguered fleet owner Helphire, Chris Chatterton has been drafted back as group sales director.

The return of Chatterton, who was previously managing director of Helphire UK and Angel Assistance, has prompted a rash of speculation.

Sadly, Bankstone News has nothing in the way of fact with which to anoint said rash and thereby soothe the irritation. Some things never change.

According to the official blurb, Chatterton will be responsible for sales and business development within all of Helphire Group’s entities including, Helphire UK, Albany Assistance, Helphire Automotive Division, Total Accident Management, Cab Aid, E-claim and Fleet Legal.

Martin Ward, Group Managing Director, said: I very much look forward to working closely with Chris as we forge ahead with our programme of recovery. Chris’ appointment to Group Sales Director is designed to maximise the Group’s presence in all of its markets and ensure that there is no conflict between channels.”

Perhaps amidst all that right-sizing, they’d forgotten the need to do some selling. Maybe it’s a knowing where the bodies are buried’ thing. Maybe they just missed having him around. Fruitless‚ and indeed potentially libellous‚ to speculate. So we won’t.


For some reason insurers seem to believe that fleet managers‚ like foreigners‚ must be spoken to very loudly and very clearly.

The latest example of mildly patronising if doubtless well-intentioned guidance for the fleet fraternity come from Aviva who revealed last week that:

“Fleet drivers can speed up the insurance claims process if they gather information at the scene of an accident.”

Aviva technical motor claims manager Martin Smith is a compassionate and empathetic individual, albeit one with a patchy knowledge of comparative adverbs.

“Even minor accidents can be inconvenient and distressing for drivers,” he acknowledges humanely, “but capturing the right information at the scene will enable their insurers to determine responsibility quicker and reduce the length of the claim for all parties.”

The question of how it might reduce the length of the claim for some parties but not for others need not detain us here.

Making a note of the exact time and location of the incident and “what happened” are described as helpful, as are records of witnesses’ or third parties’ versions of events.

“But,” Smith cautions winding himself up for a brutally split infinitive, “we do urge drivers to avoid becoming involved in conversations about who was to blame and to never admit liability.”

Perhaps most pertinently in the current climate of PI fraudstership, Smith advocates that fleet driver should note whether “any person involved is physically injured or is complaining of pain or discomfort.”

“This can be useful,” he suggests, “in helping to avoid any fraudulent claims such as staged accidents which are an increasing problem.”

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