S.O.B. campaign to save our biking


With the motorized bicycle industry teetering on the very brink of oblivion, grey men in the capital – with hammers in hands and coffin nails clenched between teeth – are set to sound the sector’s death knell.

Bike sales are 27% down year on year, as the credit crunch bites and the weak pound pushes up prices. And now the Government wants to increase vehicle excise duty on two-wheelers by 4-6%!

But moral support for the sector has arrived from an unexpected source. The Black Mafia Family is a multi-million dollar drug trafficking organization out of Detroit with major hubs in Atlanta and LA and direct links to Mexican drug cartels.

The BMF has now come out in support of Britain’s beleaguered bike industry. “This is all wrong,” a BMF spokesman said. Bikers need to show the strength of their feelings, he continued, urging bike people to go straight to the top and tell Prime Minister Gordy Brown just what they think.

“The motorcycle industry is struggling to stay solvent,” the spokesman said, “and motorcyclists are being treated unfairly.” The Government should freeze VED and look at other ways of stimulating demand for bikes. Seen!

Any Bankstone News readers who’d like to add their voices to those of our cousins from across the pond can sign up to the BMF’s petition by clicking here.

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