The trollish denizens of planet twitter were none too impressed this week when news broke that West Yorks Cops (WYC) had pulled some bloke over on the M62 and seized his motor on account of he wasn’t insured to use it for commuting purposes.

Contrary-wise, right-minded persons up and down the land will surely applaud this impressive example of full, frank and internet-enabled information sharing betwixt police and insurers – and the quick thinking action taken by agents of the former in stopping a policy-terms-exceeder in his nefarious tracks.

WYC’s decisive intervention in seizing the insurance cheat’s vehicle should at least ensure he commits no further acts of uninsured commuting for a while!

Sadly, not everyone appreciates the vital role police are now playing in ‘policing’ the T&Cs of UK motor insurance policies.

The Daily Mail, from whence Bankstone News borrowed this story, quoted (and indeed screenshotted) several incensed twitter users, whose underappreciative comments fore-shaddowed a plethora of similarly ungrateful observations since appended by Mail readers online.

The Mail quoted one jaundiced tweeter’s ironic praise as follows: “Merry Christmas to you too, keep up the important work.” Another is quoted (again with punctilious attention to the original tweet’s spelling and dot count) saying “Clearly as busy day at the office……………Embarrassing really isn’t it.”

What seems not to be appreciated by these unreflective tweeters (nor by all those Mail Online readers fulminating about how police should be focusing their efforts on pedos, druggies, and foreigners) is the following simple truth.

Taking T&C abusers’ vehicles off the road is a vital first step in the war underinsurance, that vile and virulent sickness that is rapidly eating away at the soul of our once-great nation.

Here’s one silver VW whose underinsured driving days are over!


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