For years, tyrannical womenfolk have crudely ridiculed men for their supposed inability to multitask. For years, mild mannered male persons have meekly accepted this gratuitous calumny.

But now Bankstone News can at last exclusively reveal definitive proof that men are more than capable of multitasking, after 73-year-old PJ Rigby of Skipton Yorks was captured on film for a full 10 seconds reading a map (something, let’s not forget, no woman can do in either tasking or multitasking mode) whilst simultaneously conducting his silver Honda “Jazz” along the A59.

More impressively still, Rigby can clearly be seen executing a number of complicated flipping-through and folding manoeuvres, before launching into the bravura finale of holding his large-format paperback road atlas right up to his face and thus effectively driving blindfolded. Throughout the entire time, impressively, Rigby’s “Jazz” remains almost entirely in the same lane in which it starts.

Typically, however, in this health-and-safety-gone-mad world of ours, rather than applauding Rigby’s sex-vindicating feat of several-doing, the authorities argued, in the face of clear video evidence to the contrary, that the veteran “Jazzman” was not in full and proper control of his vehicle and have banned Rigby for a year and fined him £1,080, slapping on a gratuitous £108 victim surcharge, despite the fact – as the video clearly shows – that no one was killed, maimed, or otherwise harmed in the performance of this sensational act of senior citizen on-road derring do, and thus there was no victim!

For your very own chance to witness the mastery of this chart-consulting champion of male multitasking, simply click on the image below.




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